Isaiah Washington Stars as Corrupt Preacher in “The Undershepherd”

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The upcoming film “The Undershepherd” stars Isaiah Washington as a pastor who develops a God complex and loses his way. See the trailer.

I came across the trailer for this movie after reading an insightful article titled “The Inner Life of a Pastor” by Dr. Robert Scott published on The Village Celebration magazine website.  The article discusses the negative impact pastors like the one Washington portrays can have in real life- the hurt it causes on the ministry and how it prevents others from coming to God.

“…the lack of discipline of a few tarnishes the good works of many who are sincere about their calling and commitment to doing the work of God and being agents of transformation, redemption, and liberation. There are many men and women who are serious about the vocation of ministry and walk with integrity, discipline, faith, and compassion so God can be exalted in their lives.” Scott said.

To read the full article, click here.

It is very easy to spotlight the bad seeds of the church, those who are not committed to doing what they are suppose to. Unfortunately the actions of those bad seeds overcloud the good done by pastors and church members who are disciplined and sincere about spreading the Word of God the way He intended.

Often the bad seeds in the church will cause others to fall. In the case of a pastor, who is in a position of power to directly affect people’s lives, its important that they ‘practice what they preach’ so to speak. The pastor’s inability to follow the expectations set for him by God and the people of his congregation can have detrimental consequences. The pastor must lead by example.

In the trailer, Washington’s character laughs devilishly after a woman scolds him for being a ‘phony’ and acting in an unGodly way. Washington responds by saying, “I am God.”  He then proceeds to inappropriately touch the woman’s breasts with his microphone.

Click here to watch the full trailer for The Undershepherd.

From what I’ve seen so far, the story looks promising and most importantly, realistic. It has the potential to start a conversation about issues that are rarely discussed within the black community–let alone the church. Its a story that hasn’t–but needs to be told.

I am hoping this film will be much more than just a tale about a pastor who loses his way, but will look at ministry from a human perspective. Pastors are humans as well. They are equally capable of being weak or messing up as anyone else. The expectations we hold for them, we should also be willing to hold for ourselves. I am hoping this film will shed light on the complexity of this situation. To not just portray this as black and white.

As a Christian I am always interested in seeing stories about the church. Not just superficial stories, but stories that delve deep, and keeps the audience thinking long after it is over.

I look forward to seeing this film. It will be released sometime this summer.

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